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has anyone been watching the new anime's that came out earlier this year? ive been hooked on: -akame ga kill action, explicit content (bloody), good plot, very realistic in terms of life in the anime I would say more but don't want to spoil it -shigatsu kimi wa no uso about a boy who was a piano prodigy but due to traumatic events stopped hearing music notes. he later starts playing again because of his crush basically. a must see for music lovers , they play classical stuff. -garo:honoo no kokuin action. its one of those tales of a Knight killing the evil . Its fun to watch because of the animation, the knights are transformed into 3D beings. there's some comedy in there too
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awesome, happy hunting :)
I have been watching akame ga kill very good show
@brianneumeyer I'm excited to see the ending
I don't want it to end most of these animes stop after one season but have more room for many more seasons
as long as the plot is still awesome then I would want the same