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Most of us who don't have amazing boardshops in our towns rely on the interwebs for our board needs. So most of us use sites like daddiesboardshop.com and each of the different board companies sites. And those who frequent the sites have wishlists! So I'm gonna share mine from daddies board shop with y'all. 1. Blood orange 82a 70mm Liam Morgan wheels. 2. Sunset flare Red LED 65mm 75a cruiser wheels. Cause they'd be sick for summer night rides. 3. Satin purple Caliber II trucks. Don't know if I want 50 degree or 44 degree. 4. Acid melon Caliber II trucks! 5. Oust bearing lube. 6. Oust bearing cleaning kit. Need to keep your bearings in top condition. 7. The Rayne Vendetta 8. Predator DH6 full face helmet purple of course. 9. Bones Swiss bearings.
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:) @DanielSpazJames well lucky me haha
3 years ago·Reply
@AlainCasimiro yes luck you
3 years ago·Reply
@Agek what would you recommend then?
3 years ago·Reply
What about Paris trucks?
3 years ago·Reply
Paris. The good thing about Cals is that they feel more stiff/stable.
3 years ago·Reply