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Book Nerd Problems | Limited Book Space: Anybody else got this problem? Cause I certainly do. I have a whole closet full of books and need to start looking for other places to put more books. What can I say? I just love books! !! I need more. .. Comment your favorite book! (and if you don't have one comment the most recent book you've read) :)
@linbur0100 @InterzoneAgent I'm gonna check both of these out :)
I just had to buy a second, bigger, bookcase. Favorite book currently: Oryx and Crake
I'm really loving the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series lately!
I am also a fan of the "stack on top" method @timeturnerjones But after doing that for too many years, some of my books become entirely too hidden from sight!
When I stack my shelves, they're stacked in the normal way, then on top of that, then in front of that....then on the floor in front of gets so out of hand!!! My most recently read is The Interestings!!
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