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Get a Windows-Inspired Start Menu on Your Android
Bring the familiarity of Windows to your Android smartphone or tablet with Taskbar. Customize what programs and setting show up in the menu, so you have quick access to your most useful items. This would definitely be an added feature set for me if I wasn't already using Smart Launcher 2 Pro. Who else would use this app, and how do you see it being a benefit to your current phone activity?
This is interesting, I never would have thought about doing this!
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I like the idea! this is one thing Microsoft should've kept with its new versions.
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@KaitlynnJanae, looks like they'll be bringing back in Windows 10 @TechAtHeart, same here, I'm not sure if I would use this...maybe if I had the Note or another phone with a larger screen.
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interesting ideas for a launcher
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