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Kpop Playlist: Sugary Love Songs
I am always one to love the darker kpop songs, but I decided to have an upbeat and fun playlist for my first one! These songs will all be happy dance tracks about love. I hope you enjoy! 1. AKMU - 200% Such a sweet song about young summer love. The video is arguably better than the song - It's like a mini drama film on Jeju island~ 2. LABOUM - Pit a Pat If this song doesn't get stuck in your head I don't know what will! They are so bubblegum pop-y and I can't get enough! 3. BAP - Stop It I love BAP's tough concepts but they are SO good at being cute and dorky :) 4. EXO - Run One of my favorite tracks off of their newer album! It makes me want to get out there and live hahahha 5. VIXX - Say U Say Me I love VIXX's non-title tracks and this is one that reminds me of summer. I listened to it non-stop in the car, to the point where my mom knew enough of the words to sing along. 6. Rainbow - Sunshine I love Rainbow so much and this video shows exactly why! They're so funny and really make you want to dance! 7. Henry - Fantastic I have had a major crush on Henry since I saw him in Super Junior's Don't Don back in the dinosaur age. 8. SHINee -Dream Girl This dance is stunning and the song is a ton of fun too! 9. BEAST - Beautiful I seriously can't sit still when I listen to this song. Such a dance track!
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made mine!
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2 questions: Is it limited to ballads or any song about love? And how do I make a separate card, I'm new to this haha
3 years ago·Reply
@Cryomorph no not limited to ballads and it can be any love song, just remember to tag me in your card so I can add it to the playlist collection, and as for making a card, I'm pretty sure there is a tutorial in the help menu :)
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Ok thanks!
3 years ago·Reply
@Cryomorph or if you press the publish card button in the top right hand corner it should bring up a tutorial anyway :)
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