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I had this saved in my drafts, meaning to post it, but I'm glad I waited. @kpopandkimchi literally just posted a playlist of fun songs that remind us how giddy love makes us feel. For me, I created the opposite playlist. One that makes us sit there a little bit stunned, a little bit scared, of how amazing one person can be. These songs are slower and I encourage you to look at the translation of each. Thank you to @nenegrint14, @matt95, @aabxo and @jiggzy19 for starting this off. 1. BoA - Romance 2. Narsha - I'm in Love 3. Hwayobi – Closer (Feat. Wu-Tan) 4. Postman - Want to Have Coffee? 5. Tako and J Hyung - You're Pretty the Way You Are 6. Gain and Hyungwoo - Brunch 7. Urban Zakapa - Cafe Latte 8. Bumkey - Home 9. Epik High - Fool I challenge @kuroVIP90, @AngelaFaithSuju, @Natalie0, @erlindafishy, @Jaehyo, @desirraay, @Uniangel18, @ChelaSimoneau, @Allyphernelia and @christy!
Challenge accepted! Great playlist btw :) mine will be posted up either tonight or tomorrow.
challenge accepted. I shall do it now.
ok ladies I am in. Will prepare mine and tag u all
@christy it's ok lol :)
I am sorry to all if any guy here and I said ladies.
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