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It seems only yesterday I joined this community, but its been 2 great months, and hate that I've only got 36 more days here until I leave for a few months. The days really need to slow down...
The military is the way to go bro. I know, just don't trust recruiters.
@MicahKnopp don't be scared. My brother said it was horrible only in the beginning then it got easier. Keep your head up. Expect to get yelled at a lot, but know it's all temporary. You'll make it, brah! I have no doubt!
Where Ben at, dude!? What have you guys been up to? Excited for the military? :)
Thanks haha, it means a lot, but I'm still really nervous lol. But I want to prove to myself I can do it as well @mpoblete
Ben will be here till the middle of summer next year. that's when he goes to boot camp. And I'm exited to go in, but I'm honestly terrified of boot camp haha @mpoblete