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So I went out to bomb the one decent hill I knew to go get sideways around some corners on a road called Amerman. From the top of that to a fast right turn to Elm, a fast left, and a scrubbing right turn. A short run, but it gets your adrenaline pumping! After that I went to check out a construction site where they are building a new road that is on a pretty good hill. I got there, and pictures 3 and 4 show what the road looked like. They weren't all the way to the top yet, and it was cruddy concrete. I gotta get back there when it's paved, and hit it before it's open. That's a whole other level of adrenaline!! @DanielSpazJames @MichaelNieves how do those bearings look now? LOL
That's awesome. Lol. Those bearings though
Oh trust me they're there. You can hear them. HAHAHA! squeaky squeak lol
Lol okay okay.
@DanielSpazJames I cleaned them a week a go. am I supposed to clean them everyday? don't think so
Could still be a bit cleaner but as long as they're spinning ride.
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