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I decided to take the best photos I've shot of my various guitars and make a collage out of them. I used PS to create the separate layers - then added shadows between each layer - then I build a background that would be neutral but add some depth and give the illusion that these guitars were occupying the same space (at the same time). I truth I shot each of these at separate times. As far apart as 4 years.
These look epic! Nice photography going on there
Thanks @buddyesd - I have sold a couple - I really only play the one in the front center... and the fretless (solid black to far right). As for electric guitars - I'm having a custom Telecaster made - but made with Stratocaster pups - Dave Gilmour signature EMG Strat electronics. It'll also have a 24 fret - 2 octave neck. :D
sweet axes bro!!
Great idea! I wish I had shots I'd taken consistently enough to compile like this. It's making me think about collage possibilities, though.
that's sounds sweet :):):) I'm looking to buy me a new one this coming January or February, but I haven't decided on one yet. there's still time lol