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How to Ride Downhill on a Skateboard This will show you how you can avoid falling while cruising down a hill on a skateboard. 1 Learn how to stop first! 2 Tighten your trucks with the front trucks looser than back trucks because wobbles start in the back, but not too tight as you will need to be able to carve/turn. This is the best thing to do because this will help minimize your wobbling when you are going fast. As you get more comfortable with your abilities, you can start to loosen your trucks. 3 Stay calm. When you get nervous or afraid, you put tension in your muscles which can cause you to over correct each turn. If you stay relaxed and loose, the likelihood of getting speed wobbles is dramatically reduced. 4 Keep most of your weight over the front truck. Crouching with your knees while going downhill will also reduce speed wobbling. Don't crouch too low. Also remember to keep your legs fairly loose, otherwise you may get additional speed wobbles from your muscles tensing. If you begin to experience speed wobbles try to loosen up your legs and slowly straighten up your stance. Keeping your weight over your front trucks will also help to minimize speed wobble and give you better control over your board. 5 Bail out only if you absolutely have to, otherwise there are several things that you should always attempt first:Try making very wide, deep carves to slow yourself down. Foot brake by lightly dragging your foot off the deck and on the ground. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways of scrubbing off speed, especially when there isn't enough room to carve. Bailing should be done only as a last resort, but if necessary try to bail onto grass or make sure that you roll when you fall. Or if you would rather stay on the board and stop quickly, you should push down on the tail as if you were manually but with too much pressure on the tail. 6 Once you're at the bottom, ride away smoothly.
Longboard not a skateboard. Still good info for people that don't know this
If you riding a unidirectional setup, split your base plate angles, my preference is between 40*/0* and 40*/30* (front/rear).
Some good little tips cheers
thank you @oraciodiaz helpful info right here (^..\\)
yeah it's good stuff
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