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6 Styling Tips for Traveling

Traveling home for Christmas? This tip guide will ensure you'll look good and feel comfortable on the plane. 1. Go with a pair of loafers. It's easy to take off during "the scan" and it's sleek and professional. Wear them with little socks for a quirky spin. 2. A beanie is not only comfy for cold weather commutes. It also hides "bad hair" from the long plane ride. 3. Don't forget your blanket scarf. You can bundle it up for a makeshift pillow, stuff it behind your back for lumbar support, or wrap yourself in it as you settle in for an in-flight movie. 4. An oversized blazer with thick texture like tweed or herringbone will keep you warm and cozy. In addition, you'll appear slick and structured. 5. If you're planning to wear jeans, choose one that stretches. The last thing you want is a tight and stiff jean that'll keep you uncomfortable on a 5+ hour flight. 6. Layer up your knits if you don't don't like bulky outwears. A duster cardigan plus infinity scarf will look glamorous and dreamy at the same time.
Will be flying in a few days and I can't agree more with the loafer tip. I hate unbuckling my boots during the scan.
The beanie tip!!! Genius!! I'll be taking a very long flight this Christmas; thanks!! I'll be using that one :)
Hahahaha I totally agree that beanie is good for hiding bad hair! Back side of my hair always become flat after a plane ride for leaning on my seat to sleep. I always hide it with a beanie during.
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