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(⌒▽⌒) I love this!! " Life is a game, play it." - Wu Yi Fan! ( Kris) (Former EXO member) I hope you liked it!! I do not own the photo! I feel like eating ice cream now! XD <3
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Aww Kris. I hope one day he performs with Exo again, I miss him so much. But I'm really glad he's doing what he loves.
@tayunnie I really hope he's happy and that he will have a successful future!
@jiggzy19 I wish he would post on his insta a bit more so I could see his smile again I miss Kris a lot but he seems to be doing well and having fun so I'm happy for him
@tayunnie when I miss him I just watch Wu Yi Fan's music videos lol
@jiggzy19 gasp I'll be going to sleep late tonight....