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A recent report by the New York Times has discovered that state Attorney Generals have entered into a secret alliance with major energy firms in an effort to combat President Obama’s regulatory agenda. In an example of this secret alliance, Attorney General Scott Pruitt in 2011 sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency saying that federal regulators were grossly overestimating the amount of air pollution caused by energy companies drilling new natural gas wells in Oklahoma. The interesting part of this letter is that the letter was written by lawyers of the Devon Energy, and then delivered to the Mr. Pruitt’s office. With a few minor changes, the letter was then basically copied and pasted and sent to the EPA with Mr. Pruitt’s signature. Why is this important? The report has found out that at least a dozen Attorney Generals are in bed with these energy companies. In return, the companies provide hefty campaign “donations,” including $16 million last year alone. Yes, it is (extremely) disturbing that this is happening when clearly we need to become more forward thinking about energy, instead of, you know, giving the energy companies more breaks. Yes, it is disturbing that the Attorney Generals are doing this at the expense of the future of their children… But the most part of this report is that it seems politicians care less and less about the public (or the public’s perception, on non-election years) and more about how to fill their pockets. In the past, I knew that this happened, but at least politicians tried to somewhat make it seem like they were not doing this. Now, they are literally copying and pasting letters sent by those who fill their pockets without any remorse or care about perception. So I ask you all, what do you think we need to do to fix this broken system? Today’s report is about Republicans, but does anyone think that Democrats don’t do this? Does anyone think that independents don’t do this? Everyone does this! That is the problem. While the public may be the one who elects from the candidates, who elects our choices? It is those with big pockets who really hold the power to determine how our nation is run. So how do we fix this problem? All suggestions are welcomed :)
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@hikaymm I thought there was a solution when we saw what Obama did with social media micro fund-raising. I had hoped politicians could see they wouldn't need these major companies to get money since they could, in theory, reach out to the people they are supposed to help
I wish I had a suggestion for fixing this, it's been one of the things that has bothered me most about US politics since I first learned about it! Sadly, I don't know the answer, either.