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There is a report that Demaryius Thomas is willing to take a hometown discount to stay with Broncos. The question is, should he? Thomas is one of the top WRs in the NFL. Taking a hometown discount would not just be bad for himself, but bad for all the other players in the NFL. Teams will point to Thomas and goad their players to take similar deals that help the team sign other players. If they don't sign for less, the team will point the player as the bad guy and smear his name. On the other hand, we saw what happened to Eric Decker, who left the Broncos for big money with the New York Jets. He is surely missing Peyton Manning right now and you have to wonder if he regrets leaving. What do you guys think? Is Demaryius doing the right thing by giving a discount?
I would say that it depends on the size of the "discount." Either way, I don't think it will really have much of an effect on players in the NFL. Just look at Nowitzki's ridiculous home town discount in the NBA... it didnt have an effect on me-first players like Lebron (who btw signed a 1 year deal because he wanted to capitalize on the new CBA that comes into place soon)
@MereChrisKang I do understand that NFL careers are shorter, but I doubt that NBA players were not really upset about Nowitzki taking much less. They recently asked Kobe about it, and he basically called him a fool. Either way, it didn't do much to change the market
@Goyo Brotha needs to get every dime that he can! F that!
Sorry I meant average career lengths*
@Goyo I think it's a little different for the NBA and NFL though. In the NFL average season lengths are short and you don't know when you're done. Add the fact that NFL contracts are not fully guaranteed and I could see other players being angry at him for not gettting as much as he could so he can set the new standard for what an elite WR should get.