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Did you know that the Eagles have a QB with playoff wins over Peyton, Brady, and Rivers? And that QB would be none other than the Sanchize Mark Sanchez! In the playoffs, Sanchez has nine touchdown passes and three interceptions, and he has those victories, over Palmer and Rivers in the 2009 playoffs and over Manning and Brady in the 2010 playoffs. Sanchez led the Jets with crucial plays and game saving drives showing that it was not just because of the Jets defense that they were winning. So is he what the Eagles needed for a deep playoff run? Do you think the Eagles can make it to the Super Bowl with him?
I would be so sad... As a Jets fan that was pulling for him, it would be so demoralizing. I mean that basically means our team sucked and not him...
@EightyNine Jets have been stuck in that purgatory state for a while, and now are horrible enough to actually get a good pick. @DanteL that will just mean that the coaches do more for the QB than the QB can ever do for the coach
If the Eagles win it all with Sanchez, I will sell all my possessions and prepare for the end lol
@Goyo I don't think anyone would say the Jets had a bad team. They were very good but they just didn't have enough to make it to the super bowl. Do you think Rex should be fired after this season?