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Hey everybody! I've noticed we have had a lot of new members lately (welcome...ha). So I thought I'd say hello and welcome! My name is Doug, and I'm the currently fishing community moderator. I'm mostly a crappie and bass fisherman, but I do try out some other types. I hope to catch my biggest bass ever next year, and also learn to fish on the fly. Also, maybe get myself into a kayak since @yakwithalan keeps telling me how awesome it is, and @TheWoz has inspired me, too! My hope for our community is to teach each other more about this great way of life! I think we all have some cool knowledge to share and comment, so we better share it with each other. And, I hope that we can all make some new angler friends. So, hello! I've been the moderator here since October, and the three months before that it was our good friend @mcgraffy, who still helps me out. My period will be over at the end of the month, but I hope to continue on, or to help the next moderator as community staff! Why don't we all introduce ourselves? Post a card about who you are, what you like to fish, and what you want to talk about! Let's all start talking more fishing. We know we don't want to focus on work, anyways :) I'm gonna tag a few of your guys, but I hope that anybody (even if we haven't talked before!) will upload their own introduction card to Vingle. Let's get the Vingle Fishing Community going even more!! Here goes: @yakwithalan @KawikaAfelin @BobGriffith @happyrock @mcgraffy @fallingwater @ChaseSarver @JustinRussell @TheWoz @JustinFranks @weist7573 @CaseyJohnson @KevinVue @ryan88argo @GageSouder @JoshuaVue @eklamt @BrianMcNeeley @Tbn1587 @CodyYerion @MichaelPhillips @GarrettLinker
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@redridergirl If you need any help, let me know. I'm the fishing moderator so I like to think I have some good ideas about how to do certain things hah
Hello all, My name is Kevin. I'm from Georgia, been here or over 9 years and originally from Nc. I've been fishing since I was a kid and I still love it. Even when I go out and I get skunked, it's still better than just sitting around at home. I plan to do a lot more fishing this next year and hopefully catch a monster bass or stiper again. Tight Lines everyone and Merry Christmas to all.
@KevinVue Nice to officially meet ya! Hope we can all get more fishing in next year. Happy Holidays to you,too!
Hi yall! Happy New Year! Thanks for being so nice! Welcome Kevin! Also, if any of yall like Motorcycles check out my Card under Motorcycles! Happy New Year and Best Fishing Ahead for 2015!!! Now lets catch me that Blue Marlin Yall!
@redirdergirl Good luck with your Marlin!