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We all come across it at some point. First time it happens to you it can be a bit scary. All of us on the search for the most stable truck in hopes of 0% wobbles, but such a thing doesn't exist. I've been thinking though, it's not because it's impossible to create a truck and board of the nature, it's because we don't want it. When railroads, cars, airplanes etc. first were being invited, they had similar problems where at higher speeds, it became unstable. When was the last time you heard of that problem being present within the last few decades? Truthfully, I honestly do believe if someone REALLY wanted a truck that was almost 100% wooble free that it can be made. The advances in sciences and engineering are all there already so why hasn't it happened? It hasn't happened, because if you create something that's perfect in such a way, where's the thrill in that? The thrill of going 40+mph is knowing that you're skilled enough to actually control your board from speed wobbles WITHOUT having to rely on a perfect truck. The instability is what adds a element of thrill, excitement and the need to improve yourself. I believe, once you remove that element, you take away what longboarding is about. That's just how I feel.
That's 100% true
This guy always makes me laugh
I know the feeling oh too we'll 馃槓
Well shit man that's very true
Bet you cannot find a video of a LY R5 with speed wobbles. With the 0* rear truck, and front RKP trucks having positive caster, couldn't make it happen if you tried. Love my R5.