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As many as 1 in 5 adults may be chronic procrastinators. This infographic gives some pretty good tips for procrastination. Some I've heard before, others I had never thought about before! I hope you find this helpful! 1. Know yourself Understand how procrastination affects you, think about the habits that often cause it. 2. Practice Effective Time Management Create estimates for completing assignments and compare accuracy of estimates across tasks 3. Change your perspective Think about what attracted you to your assignments and look beyond the grades to what interests you. 4. Commit to assignments List tasks that you're confident you will complete and make a point of crossing each task off your list. 5. Work in productive environments Choose where you work and who you work with very wisely. 6. Be realistic Set reasonable targets to measure achievement. Be patient, change won't come overnight. 7. Self-talk Positively Notice how you talk to yourself when you are procrastinating and replace any negative talk with positive talk. 8. Un-schedule Develop a flexible schedule that only includes important tasks and keep some free time in your schedule for extracurricular activities. 9. Swiss-cheese tasks Devote small chunks of time to a big task. 10. Don't indulge fantasies Stop fantasizing about desired results. Instead, devise practical steps to achieve your goals. 11. Plan for obstacles List possible obstacles for completing assignments 12. Improve learning behavior Focus less on gratification in the present and more on learning for the future. 13. Help Yourself Ask your roommates or family not to indulge your habit. 14. Reward progress Create a reward system to celebrate successful tasks. 15. Learn to forgive yourself If you slip up, don't be too hard on yourself. (via:
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This is great! Definitely clipping for next time I'm stuck in a rut haha