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hello everyone i am always update my list. this the mix between new and old list hope you all like mine lee joon ki : stupid love ji hyun woo : good addiction kim dong ryul : like a child royal pirates : love toxic led apple : let the wind below k.will : please don't one way's : rainy day homme : it girl no min woo : trap i have alot in my list so i will publish another one
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Thanks @danidee friend I don't listen about this song before. I will now. love is punishment is my first one I listen and crying. and his voice make me watch the drama
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@christy It's different from his usual songs because it sounds more like soul music and less like his usual ballads. Still good though!
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@danidee Yeah u r right. But always I feel he put all his feelings and mind in his song
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@christy u know i love kwill 2 i love your collection i was damn shocked to hear ji hyun woo oppa sing such a beautiful song i cd nt stop replying and that one has to be the one on top 4 me and i also like the led apple song u added also seeing no min wo oppa trap song brought back a lot of memories thanks 4 sharing your collection definitely quite calm and unique ♥:-)
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