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words cannot describe...
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Actually happened to me once, had to get 11 stitches on the right eyebrow
3 years ago·Reply
damn dude... ouch @frankiemarvel
3 years ago·Reply
Lol yeah, that was 1/2 years ago, but I went missing with half my eyebrow for a couple of months, my eye became swollen as if I had a black eye haha @MicahKnopp
3 years ago·Reply
fuck that xD the worst that's happened to me was a year ago I got 3 staples on my head, and tore my whole right palm open. Thank god one of my friends was an EMT. for the palm all we did was clean it, flapped the skin back on, wrapped it up, and went right back to riding haha @frankiemarvel
3 years ago·Reply
Well then you were lucky to have a friend like that to help you out man haha@MicahKnopp
3 years ago·Reply