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Hey everyone! After seeing @dougjohnson's card, I thought I'd give a brief into to who I am! My name is Leigh, and I'm still a "newbie" fishing lady! I just got started fishing earlier this year, and don't get to go out too often, so I've been working to learn more and more through this site so that when I do go, I can have a ton of fun! You might have seen some of my question cards: I love asking questions! So, if you have every given me help or have any of your own questions to ask, go for it! I've found the anglers here have been really helpful. I live in the northeast, and haven't gotten into ice fishing yet so I'm pretty much on hiatus from fishing till next year. That doesn't mean I won't be here, though!! Nice to meet everyone :)
@dougjohnson If you say so!!! Don't feel bad :(
Hey now! Never feel bad asking us any questions. We love it
I hope we've been helpful to you over the last few months
Hey Leigh :) It's been really fun here talking with the only other girl in the community right now (I think?) Let's keep fishing!
All this time we have been chatting and I didn't know your name was Leigh! Nice to officially meet you Leigh. Let's keep havingfun here together!