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Israel seems to have carried out two air strikes near Damascus, Syria. The areas bombed were around Damascus International airport (now this is disturbing) and the town of Dimas, according to the Syrian Army. While no casualties were reported, it does re-ignite Syrian government proclamations that there is a conspiracy to directly aid the Syrian government’s opponents. While this could be the Syrian army trying to blame Israel for an attack, there are some signs that point that Israel indeed was behind the attacks. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that 10 explosions were heard near Dimas. When asked about the accusation, the Israeli military said it did NOT comment on “foreign reports.” So what to make of all this? Seems like just another day in the middle east. I cannot understand that even while they all have a common enemy in ISIS (I assume), they still cannot get along. In a lot of different cases, history has shown us enemies band together to fight off another “greater” threat. Why is this then not happening here? ISIS poses a much larger threat to Israel. ISIS poses a strong threat to Syria (they literally have taken their land!!), and yet… Is this proof that peace in the middle east is too much of a dream? I certainly hope not, but what hope is there if they cannot momentarily reconcile even when they have such a strong common enemy to worry about??
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