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Buzzy - A Drug Free Alternative to Relieve Pain!
Buzzy is a physiologic plain blocker that uses cold and vibration to block unpleasant sensation on contact. It can be used to relieve pain. It is a palm sized high frequency vibration unit with an optional ice pack attachment. You can use it for aches, arthritis, injuries, allergies, itching, botox, dermatology, injections, lab draws/phlebotomy, and vaccines. Buzzy is a great device for Diabetes patients who have to inject themselves. Although it is advertised for kids, it's great for anyone who has needle phobia or simply want to reduce pain from shots. Find out more about Buzzy on their website!
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Wooooooow. I have arthritis AND bad allergies. I just might need to invest in this for my knees alone.
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Hey, this might actually be helpful for my aunt, she has to self-inject. This is pretty cool.
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Looks great
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