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Later when my heart settles down, I'll listen to the words you whisper in my ear. later, when my eyes focus on your lips I can fantasize about what I'd want you to say. Sometime later, I'd want you to feel the beats you create in my bloodstream as it bounces around my cells like a surround system, and you are my bass. but right now, you're no where to be found. right now, you're somewhere I can't be. but always, I'll love you. and forever your name will be engraved in the synapses that call my body, home.
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@timeturnerjones it's one of the best feels :>
Interesting poem @blackofwhite! It's great to see your writing. I really love the way time phrases (right now, Sometime later, etc.) frame the movement of the work.
thanks. I usually write what's subconsciously on my mind
I love love love the phrase "beats you create in my bloodstream." Seriously great way of saying that.
@hikaymm thank you. it is kinda cheesy though :)