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Does anyone know where I can find a set of the original Reys trucks? They currently have the new 2014 Lite Reys, but I honestly don't like them at all, I love the originals. I have a set of the originals, but I want to pick up another set for a different board. Rey stopped making them a while ago and I can't find anywhere that has them! Maybe someone else would have some luck.
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@OracioDiaz Yes, death reys & @Shulace I did a while back. They said they are no longer producing them. Right now they are only making the 2014 Lite reys
I think it's cause old reys had some weight problems hence the lites
@Mannith I have a set of the old reys and I have no problem with them. They can be either slightly heavier or lighter then the lite Rey depending on the baseplate you put.
Devil REY Precision Longboard Skateboard Trucks Set 50 Degree 180mm Black | Action Board Sports http://absboards.com/shop/devil-rey-precision-longboard-skateboard-trucks-set-50-degree-180mm/ so are these the new ones?
Rey Trucks - Death-REY Precision trucks | Edge boardshop http://edgeboardshop.eu/death-rey-set.html?SID=586666008967b8f6e42cbc68444aa6fd These are in Denmark it says in stock