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I was challenged by @callmekaren to post a K Pop Playlist. These are my Top 10 favorite songs at the moment!!!! 1) BTS- Boy in Luv 2) GDXTAEYANG- Good Boy 3) Got7- Stop Stop it 4) EXO- Overdose (K and M version) 5) BTS- Let Me Know 6) Zico- Tough Cookie 7) Epik High- Born Hater 8) BTS- We are Bulletproof 9) BTS- War of Hormones 10) EXO- Baby Don't Cry These are the songs that I can never stop moving to or the songs that just make me want to sing at the tip of my lungs. I can only hope that all of you feel the same!!!
I love 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,and 9 Great playlist!
yes yes yes ❤️❤️✨