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Just wondering what you guys think of vans. Does our longboarding family approve of them or disapprove? Cause I bought a pair and after three days they were wearing down a lot. Also do any of you know if the pro skate line are actually better?
Vans all the way! Mine I've had for over a year and they are still holding up great. They're really flexible when you push so it doesn't feel like you have bricks for feet.
Vans! Vans! Vans! They are great, flexible, simple, come in many colors, even design your own, they wear down perfectly, they are grippy, comfortable, I can wrap my toes around my board in my Vans, my next pair will be Half Cabs-go Steve!
Love vans!
i like em...im really liking the 1st pair the burgundy colored ones!! :)
I only skate Vans!! They wear fast because they're soft and grippy, the more they grip your board the more they wear down. I just buy $40 era 2 low tops whenever I need more it's not too bad
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