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Vans? Good boarding shoes Yay or Nay?
Just wondering what you guys think of vans. Does our longboarding family approve of them or disapprove? Cause I bought a pair and after three days they were wearing down a lot. Also do any of you know if the pro skate line are actually better?
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I did just buy a pair on Converse to see how they feel on a board. Haven't worn em yet.
3 years ago·Reply
i like em...im really liking the 1st pair the burgundy colored ones!! :)
3 years ago·Reply
Vans all the way! Mine I've had for over a year and they are still holding up great. They're really flexible when you push so it doesn't feel like you have bricks for feet.
3 years ago·Reply
hell yeah they are
3 years ago·Reply
spit fire Rasta Vans
3 years ago·Reply