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I lived with 9 other guys in college and thought I was the neatest one. Little did I know that by normal people standards, I am a pig (as pointed out by my lovely gf) So I've changed my ways and hope I can change your ways too. Here are some grooming habits you need to puck up. Stat. 1. Brush Your Teeth – A Lot: Drinking coffee, eating, etc, all cause your mouth to become pretty nasty. Brush regularly and before important events. 2. Floss – A Lot: Have you left food out for a while? It doesn’t smell good. Well, imagine what that food is doing when it is stuck in your teeth for hours. Floss after every meal! 3. Clean Your Tongue: You probably didn’t even know it was dirty, but your tongue is filled with bacteria that cause bad breath. Use your toothbrush or buy a cheap tongue cleaner. Simply scrape it along your entire tongue first thing in the morning and wash off the gunk. 4. Trim Your Eyebrows: One time during a haircut, my stylist grabbed a comb and ran her clippers across my eyebrows. Serious game changer. You can buy good, inexpensive products that combine nose, ear, and eyebrow hair trimming ability. Start with an eyebrow attachment that doesn’t take off much hair and see how that looks. 5. Trim Your Ear Hair: Nothing screams “old man” (and gross) like having ear hair that can practically be braided. It can be easily trimmed with the same trimmer I mentioned above. You’ll need to do it about once a month. It takes a minute. 6. Trim Your Nose Hair: I had a friend with a single nose hair that protruded half an inch from his nose. Seriously. He didn’t notice it for a year. And yes, he had good eyesight. Heck, it still could be growing. 7. Shave your back, upper arms, and shoulders: Less is more, at least in terms of body hair. Your back might require assistance. 8. Cut and Clean Your Nails: Keeping your fingernails trimmed shows you care about your appearance. Get a clipper and use it regularly. And, don’t bite your nails. 9. Keep Your Skin Soft: Guys aren’t usually into moisturizing. Still, buying a basic moisturizer to keep your hands and face soft is a good idea. 10. Re-apply Deodorant: I have a briefcase with essentials to run my business. Deodorant is in there. Why? Smell is essential in making a good impression. On especially hot (or smelly) days, re-apply deodorant whenever it’s needed.