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Surf for a Change is an awesome organization that promotes positive surf travel that is linked directly with social movements. they deal with anything from cleaning up beaches to stopping the use of dangerous GMOs. In this particular video, the team gears up for a trip to Nicaragua to surf the legendary waves and to protect the water itself from pollution and over development. They team up with WOO to make the most out of their 'vacation.' They had a blast in the water but also carried out a plan to really make a difference to the gorgeous coast. They noted that "Since we released the film online I’ve had multiple people per week, mostly high school or college students, email me to tell me that they want to link up with WOO on their next trip to Nicaragua. Or that the film made them think about their impact as a traveler. It’s that kind of feedback that makes all the hard work worth it." To get more involved in this project check out their website: http://surfingforchange.com/