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Hey guys and girls I finished my Kpop love song soundtrack yayyy!!! I hope you guys enjoy it. I had a really hard time choosing. it's pretty much all over the place but whatev I like it :) Just One Day by BTS Moonlight by EXO Tonight by Winner Love You To Death by Taeyang History by Beast Where are you now by B.A.P Obsession by Boyfriend Falling by Park Jin Young Coffee by BTS Only You by Taetiseo (Girls Generation) There's only one female song here... :x haha wow! :) @callmekaren @mattk95 @honeysoo @kpopandkimchi
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I remember in one of my Korean classes, my friend brought in the lyrics to the first song for us to analyze and interpret in class. Now I can sing along to the chorus!
How had I never heard that Taeyang song before? Great playlist @Allyphernelia!
Haha, It's on his newest album RISE. That whole album is amazing! :) and thank you! @callmekaren
@danidee she's awesome the doing that! one of my favorite songs!! :)
Falling by Jyp is one of the best ost I actually preferred Dream High 2 Only you is my favorite song from their album glad Seohyun wrote that song :-)