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Tell me what they do why their good and why u like it
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Rocks are for fanboys. Real men skate dead cats.
Fuck you all. Arbor for life. Arbor had James Kelly and liam morgan too soooo
it's all about that landyachtz especially the freeride section all around good boards
I like arbor loaded never summer and more
like @steezus said, there really aren't any "bests" but I started out with a lost single kick. it was chill for the moment because I didn't really know what I wanted to do whether it'd be for bombing, tricking, sliding, or cruising. it felt somewhat durable. after that one got stolen I got a Santa Cruz weed goddess pintail. it was pretty good for tricking and cruising. though it's not very durable because scratches and chips happen just about every time I have the simplest of the spills. at that time I wanted to slide, bomb, and dance. so I got an older arbor vugenhausen. amazing board to slide, dance, and bomb on. it's durable as hell too. so for now the best brand of board in my opinion is Arbor (^..\\) what do you ride @dakotafalcon ?