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It seems like the Yankees are making "baseball moves"? That was really funny when I heard that lol. It makes sense, though, considering that as Yankees fan, I would be expecting to get players that I didn't have to google to understand. In this case, yes, I was more expecting to get Troy Tulowitzki, not a dutch player that lost his starting SS job for Diamondbacks!! So what do I make of this? I love it lol I think that the Yankees should stop trying to sell the entire farm (ie all their minor leaguers lol) for a home run acquisition. I am curious to see what a defensive-minded slick SS could do for our infield. I don't think that SS needs to hit that much for the team to be successful, so long as he is not a black hole in the lineup. Any other Yankees fans? What do you guys make of this?
@ChickenNrice you may be the first person I have heard call this current Yankees lineup a good lineup lol
His numbers certainly werent great last year. Here's hoping he can be better in a good lineup
Maybe the Yankees are finally waking up realizing that all those blockbuster signings havent been really working out for them. I think it's a good move. The Giants just showed that a defensive SS won't stop you from winning the WS. Have a defensive SS is huge to get out of those tough innings.