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For @DanielSpazJames
Alright so these are my Janoskis. I've had them for a year pretty much. Theres a reason why these shoes have a sizeble price tag. They hold together rather well even after countless times skating. I tore tge side one time and repatched them, but thats really the worst of the damage. The heal is slightly worn out but the rest of the underside is intact. most of my boards have course grip tape, and even that hasn't significantly worn the shoes. The toe is fine dispite me pivoting for each kick. And finally, the insoles are completely fine as you can see in one of these pictures. I'd say they are worth the $80 or so haha
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I try to get a pair on sale then.
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I do not recommend you getting them in light grey @DanielSpazJames xD they get dirty real quick
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look around man, i got these for like 60ish
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those are GumBall soles dude :) they're durable and grabs well..
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haha @AlainCasimiro ik man they are awesome
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