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if any of you remember i added a card an while back that said my board was out of commission (pic) well i finally ordered a new pair of Zealous bearings these are great because they have built in speed rings and built in spacers i really wanted these because as you could see the speed rings caused my wheel to fly off and the odd thing about it is the wheel and one bearing flew off and my axel nut stayed in place as it flew off i was about two minutes away from going down one of my favorite hills it couldve ended much worse than it did so i had to walk home and i only ridden it once since the accident and the board completly slid out from under my legs and i ate it and i wasent doing anything extreme so long story shortish i scrapped some money together and finally bought zealous bearings and a pair of Liam Morgan Blood Orange 82A 70mm im fairly new to boarding and am really looking to just DUMP THANE hopefully it gets here soon i ordered them off of Muir Skate and i live in San Diego which is where the warehouse iz located SO CALLING ALL SANDIEGANS have you ordered from muir how long did you wait for the oh so satisfying package ? p.s sorry if you stuck this far you the real mvp sorry i havent been on i'm a senior who diddnt do so well in the first year or so in school learn from me and do good in school so then you can longboard more its simple math good in school + longboaring = more longboarding Now class this is your homework first one to get it right gets 10 gold stars bad in school + longboarding = ?
Muirskate will use USPS Ground, so expect 1-3 days since you're so close!
Dude that sucks but I hear zealous bearings are awesome
no form of transportation
You could have driven there
cant wait
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