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Imagine a world with no wars, no possessions, no borders and no religions. Imagine no guns in the streets, no need to lock the doors and no fear in the eyes of children. Now open your eyes. Its December 8th. On this day in 1981, everyone realized how fragile this dream of a perfect world was. Peace as we imagine it, is impossible. Its just too well defined. In physics, fragility is defined as the number of possibilities for something to be "fixed" vs the number of possibilities for it to be "broken". Imagine how unlikely it is for a world without any jealousy, dispute or other kinds of animosity to sustain itself. So what can we expect, realistically? Surely we should hope for things to be better than they are today. Of course we do. What is needed to reduce fragility, is tolerance or in other words, acceptance and forgiveness. Let us accept the fact that not everybody will love and understand everybody. Let us understand that there will always be suspicions, grudges and conflict of interests, but let us find the ways to create a social order that keeps those in check and educates us to deal with them, not in a naive way but a realistic one. John Lennon was a man who used to be mean to his woman and beat her, and keep her apart from the things that she loved. But he changed his ways and became a symbol of how we can still grow as individuals and as a society toward the light of love and peace. And yet, his tragic and violent death stands as a reminder of how brutally realistic we must be while doing so.
@orenshani7 this is a great piece. I think you are absolutely right. Intolerance is something that everyone, to a certain extent, has faced. We are quick to say that people do not know what I feel or that my life is worse than others, but the reality is that we do not know what others have experienced or felt. We should always look to be considerate and thoughtful rather than judgmental. FYI, your picture is really small. It looks like a bad blur on the feed. You might need to change the image to a larger image. It would be a shame for others to miss this piece because the image wasn't big enough...
@goyo, well it looks like you keep guessing what I am going write about next... hang on :-)
I agree with this piece wholeheartedly: it's a waste of time and foolish to think that one group's idea of peace is the only answer to living in a "peaceful world." Who are we to decide what others should want in peace? Instead, we must move forward to a world that isn't necessarily more peaceful, but more understanding. How can we get there? I'm not sure. But, like Lennon, we can make some changes, and that is a start.
@orenshani7 awesome now I can truly make a claim at being supernatural lol I am looking forward to the piece man!
@orenshani7 no problem man! I thought it was a great piece. It does make me think, though, what do you think should be the perception of released convicts? Often I hear they have a very hard time getting a second chance, but this piece made me feel like they should be given a chance at redemption no?
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