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There is something in the water. I said it time and time again, there is something in the water. "It's an ocean" they said, "Of course there is", and they swam on. There is something in the water, I said, my voice a little stronger. By this time the tide was high, the waves were perfect, and no one listened any longer, and they swam on. There is something in the water, I screamed this time, pacing the shore. Nobody listened, nobody cared. They dove and flapped their legs, like fins, launching their bodies through the air, and they swam on. THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE WATER, I pled, but knew it was too late. The people had all gone still. For a while the sea was calm as death, white tipped waves fading to foam, as if the very shore was rabid. With everything in me, I knew I was right and this was wrong. Certainly, without a doubt, there was something in the water. So I ran with all my might, climbed the nearest lifeguard tower, stared directly into the water, just to watch it all devour every person. Young and old, rich and poor, orphan, pauper, king, and whore. All gulped down the maw of hate, disguised as place of play, a place we visit to relieve stress, or for a simple getaway. In shock I stood, mouth agape, for as their bodies spiraled down, I saw them trample upon each other, just to gain the higher ground. No dignity was in this, no common decency or tact. Nobody reached to help another, and those ahead never looked back, except to find footholds in others faces. It was a free for all, then teams were chosen, weapons brandished, hearts were frozen. No one seemed to see, but me, that the sea was the enemy. I felt as small as a grain of salt, but staring down at my own hands, to the sound of death and carnage, Love within me birthed a plan. I couldn't stand and watch this chaos, and play observer I could no more, so I gathered all my strength, and marched myself down to the shore. And the nearest person I could reach, his eye afire in the heat of war, I hugged with every ounce of love, poured out like never before. Then he grew still. My jaw ached from every blow he'd threw, and tears flooded down my eyes, until he reached up to whipe them away, and he stood, smiling, to my surprise. With one last hug we parted ways, we both were changed, no words exchanged. There was work to do, we knew, for there is still something in the water. There is something in the water, where you live and where you work, where you go for your communion, where you play or go to church. There is something in the water, just open your eyes, I am sure you'll see. But the cure wont spread itself, so be the change you want to see. Remember my friends, Love wins.
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I am fine with that, and honored, thank you.
wow. I'm honored you say I helped inspire a part. this is truly amazing your flow is like music, and the imagery is perfect. "we both were changed no words exchanged" honestly amazing I would like to post it on my Facebook do you mind if I did? I want my friends and family to read this I will write after quoting it an leave a link to your page on here.
@wyatthaste as I wrote this you responded to my comment and inspired a part of it.
@hikaymm thanks for the heads up... @MyNameIsSimeon this is beautifully written. There is so much that we can do, once we do our eyes to see beyond our own perspective. And as you said, people will change, the world will change once we are able to stop trying to fight over one another, and just help each other. @orenshani7 I feel like you would love this piece too
This is really, really great @MyNameisSimeon. The idea of it being something that so secretly (in the water) effects us is really interesting. Thank you for sharing this! I think @goyo would really enjoy this, as well!
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