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It seems like the Dodgers just have too much of a good thing. The OF position has recently been a bit of a headache for the Dodgers. While most teams struggle to find 3 good players to put out there, the Dodgers (some claim) have 4 starter level outfielders. And there lies their problem: Andre Ethier feels that he deserves to start. Even if that means that the Dodgers sit Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford, or Yasiel Puig, all three who were All-star level starters: 1) Kemp had the highest slugging percentage after the All star break in the NL. 2) Puig is coming off yet another strong season 3) Carl Crawford hit .300 for the season So as the video states, Ethier has no way of winning this argument. He may deserve to start, but not on the Dodgers. So it is possible to have too much of a good thing.
They need to get rid of Puig. The guy is never going to mature
It's scary how deep the Dodgers are both in roster and in the farm. As a Giants fan I'm very scared of what moves they will make with rumors swirling that they're even trying to sign Lester. I'm just hoping that they will not be able to solidify their bullpen.