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Pelicans 104 - Lakers 87
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It is official: the Lakers stink. There is no other way around it. They are not even close to being ok. Yes, the Pelicans are a dangerous and athletic young team, but there is no reason why the Lakers were embarrassed this badly on their home court. It is also official: the Brow is just an absolute monster. I mean is there any way that the Pelicans do not become an elite team as this guy develops? Davis is only 21 years old!
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To be fair there is no shame losing to the Pelicans anymore. And I'm not sure what teams are going to do once Davis develops that 3 point shot.
@EightyNine I think if he developed a dependable sky hook with a 3 pointer then yes he would be unstoppable
Lakers have no one but Kobe. They need to get rid of all those jokers they have for players
@MereChrisKang I don't think he needs to develop the sky hook if he develops that 3 pointer. Its like a more determined, more level headed Rasheed Wallace... And oh yeah, a lot more talented.