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I have watched the Knicks drop game after game over the past 2 years. And the amazing part of it is that this year the losses are a lot better. That may sound dumb, so please hear me out. Yes, the Knicks are losing. They are losing, a lot. The thing is, though, watch their past few losses. They have not been complete blowouts or losses where the team seems to have thrown in the towel. No, this year, the team seems to be fighting until the end. They are fighting tough teams hard too. They lost to the Blazers by 4, the Cavs by 3, the Hornets by 1, and the Nets by 5. They are hanging in there. They are just not getting the right bounces the right way. A few things here and there in those 4 games go differently and the Knicks could be looking at a 4 game win streak. Some will say that I am just trying to be overly optimistic (and if I was, could you blame me?), but what I am saying is true. The Knicks are bad, yes, but they are getting better. They are hanging in there vs some tough teams. Eventually, they with the right additions, could start to develop into a quality team.
@DanteL They are bad, but keeping close games like that means they are not beyond fixing
@Goyo I don't know man. The knicks are 4-18 in the EAST! They are bad lol