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Becoming One
Hearts beating as one. Gasping for air as the passion flows through our veins. Too much to tame. Becoming one as we touch. It almost becomes too much. The kisses that feel like ocean waves crashing to the sand. It becomes a demand. The intensity that she brings. And it makes my soul open up and sing. I must have her. She is all I endure. She becomes the cure to my madness. The overwhelming sensation of her breath. There is nothing left. The promise of something real. The way her lips feel. I'll forever hold on to her heart. And nothing will keep us apart.
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It's amazing; I didn't notice the rhyming of this piece until the last few lines, when it became much stronger. Somehow, it was hidden well in the other parts.
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@greggr I wanted it to flow a little more. But I honestly just wrote what was coming to my mind. The rhyming just made it flow a little better. I just didn't want repetitive rhyming that becomes tedious.
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Like @greggr said I noticed the rhyme but I think you achieved your goal of not "over" doing it! Nice read :)
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@hikaymm thank you very much!! I appreciate it :)
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