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when my time comes..forget the wrongs that i've me leave behind some..reasons to be missed...don't forget me..when you're feeling empty..keep me in your memories ..leave out all the rest..leave out all the rest! leave out all the rest-linkin park
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i love this song.. and have you heard "in between" and numb.. my faves!
@neaa I have! I absolutely love Linkin Park. I have ALL of their albums including the early stuff before they released their official first album. They are such amazing songwriters and the lyrics are always so meaningful. I think I might post up a few more of their songs. :D
i like their lyrics more.. they are meaningful and rebellious.. kinda true!
It's very true. I like that they use their own life experiences and sadness in their music. It makes it so easy for listeners to relate to their music.
oh..i need to refresh my playlist with more LP now/1