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These are the three Chinamen I love most in the world. Wu Yifan. Huang Zitao and Zhou Mi. These are my screenshots! So don't copy without asking please!
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I'm really glad Zhou Mi is doing more work on the Korean side now. I know that he's very successful in China but it is much harder to see him when he's promoting there.
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@callmekaren Yes I agree with you a 100%! I was so happy to learn that Zhou Mi got his own solo album! I wish I could see him over here in the US though. Korean and Chinese fans don't know how lucky they are to get to see their idols. I hope i get to see him one day.
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@cassieenders Has SM Town US ever been near where you live? I would love to go one day!
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@callmekaren unfortunately no. And that makes me a little sad. I know they have KCon in California but that's on the other side of the country from me. I hope to go to that someday too. Other than that SM doesn't tour over here. :(
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