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The biggest challenge for holiday decoration with limited space is knowing your limits. It's easy to make a room look too clutter, so here's a quick tip of how to use your small living room wisely. 1. Use the wall - Have a lot of blank wall space but no room for a Christmas tree? Consider using a wall decal in a tight entranceway or even as a focal point behind a sofa. 2. Use the ceiling - Remember when you used to decorate your room with glow-in-the-dark stars. It's the same concept! You may not have expansive tabletops or floor space, but you probably have a ceiling with lots of room. Try dangling a selection of ornaments to make your small space more festive. Make sure to use adhesive-backed hooks that will come off easily when you're done. 3. Use ribbons for decoration - Don't you all agree a little ribbon goes a long way? Drape and fasten ribbon on a banister, over a window or door to hang stockings or cards. If you don't have any where to tie it use thumbtacks. 4. Use existing furnitures - If you have an aesthetically pleasing ladder use it for an additional display surface! Also, don't be afraid to be creative and use old suitcases, wine crates, and garden stools. They can all contribute to your holiday décor. 5. Use a wall shelf - The best place to display your little Christmas knick-knack goes to the wall shelf. Make it cozy with family-framed photos.
The staircase decoration is my favorite! So creative and it reminds me of crate and barrel's interior design.
I love the ladder idea! I wanna use it to display pictures that I took with my friends and family. That could be my personal gallery ;)