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Are you ready for video game nostalgia?
#4ThePlayers since 1995 One of my all time favorite PlayStation ads. It's so creative, makes me so nostalgic, and I love the attention to detail here. Each respective room looks like the distinct year that related with the console's release. The set design really just blows me away. Not to mention the quick, subtle changes to the PlayStation during scenes! There are so many small details that make this perfect: - The PS3 startup sound is mixed into the song at the beginning of the PS3 section. - Fireworks for the millennium. - Records are visible in every era but CDs are really only in the PS2 era. What is your favorite part?
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Wow that was god damn amazing. Sad though how by the time its ps4 they are no longer playing together but now its all single player or online but damn that was legit
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Oh man, I played the heck out of my roomate's PS1 in college! This really took me back. The posters changing on the wall are so awesome, too. My roommate and I spent hours playing Pocket Fighters and Final Fantasy VIII :) Good times!! Such an awesome ad - thanks for sharing!
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farr out. brings back so much memories!!
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