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Destiny Live Action Trailer - Hope
Bungie came out with a Destiny Live Action Trailer earlier this year that had a lot of mixed opinions. The action was great, don't get me wrong, but the original take took on a humorous tone that I didn't connect with that much. This remake of the live action trailer takes on a much more serious tone. I think I enjoy it much more for that, as I feel more of an emotional attachment.
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Actually, I really loved the tone of the other one - it really gave me a sense of excitement and fun - and that drew me in. But this one was really cool as well. Amazing how a few changes can give the same scenes a completely different feel. ARGH I can't wait to play this! That cave diving scene is so awesome...
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@sanityscout I like both as well. This one seems so much more serious and has such a different tone, but the other one was playful and exciting. Both have their perks :)
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