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Walk Through Miyazaki's Worlds! Life-Sized Ghibli Exhibit
As promised, anime community friends and Studio Ghibli fans - here are the photos from an awesome experience I had walking through some of my favorite Studio Ghibli films at a life-sized sculpture exhibit in Seoul, Korea. My apologies for the slightly lower quality of some of the pictures, but there was no flash photography allowed so I did the best I could with my phone. The exhibit included moving and static sculptures, immersive scenes and dioramas from the following movies: Howl's Moving Castle Princess Mononoke Pom Poko My Neighbor Totoro Porco Rosso Spirited Away The highlight was getting to sit next to No Face in the train scene from Spirited Away. I didn't share that photo because it's got my whole family in it - but suffice it to say, the whole experience was pretty magical! I also loved the sleeping Totoro, whose belly was actually rising and falling like he was breathing! I've heard several people say there wasn't enough in the exhibit for the amount of money it cost, and it's true that I would have liked to see all the films represented, like Ponyo and Kiki's Delivery Service. However, I was definitely satisfied and very pleased with having experienced such a cool immersive experience in some of my favorite animations in life size. Here are the details if you have the opportunity to find the exhibit in Korea. It runs until March 1, 2015, so there's still plenty of time! Location: Yongsan Station, I'Park Mall Floor 6, near to the big bookstore and a Living store.
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