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There are so many great holiday movies out there. There are funny ones, sad ones, love stories, heartwarming stories - absolutely terrible, cheesy but irresistible stories... you get the picture. But here are the five holiday movies that I just absolutely can't do without: 1. Love Actually No matter how many times I watch this movie I will still laugh out loud at Colin's trip to an American bar, swoon at Hugh Grant's prime minister, cry at the sound of Joni Mitchell and smile from ear to ear at a children's concert. And that's just barely scratching the surface! An absolutely amazing cast (who ISN'T in this movie, really), the best of holiday songs, several completely engaging storylines - and even a glimpse at what Sheriff Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead would look like if he got a few good meals under his belt. Healthy and pleasant, it turns out! Christmas just isn't Christmas if I haven't watched this movie. 2. A Charlie Brown Christmas What can I even say to do this gem justice? It's gentle, it's warm, it's heartfelt, it's real - it's just Peanuts, guys! Not to mention the best original Christmas soundtrack album out there, by Vince Guaraldi. 3. Elf I think this is a really underrated Will Ferrell movie. It's so so funny! And I really get a kick of remember what Zooey Deschanel was like before the bangs. 4. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Do I really still need to express how continually hilarious this movie is? I also can never get over how funny it is to see younger Juliette Lewis and snobby Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Oh, the relatives! Oh, the lights! Oh, the chaos! 5. Bad Santa Definitely not for everyone, and there are probably more heartwarming, inspiring options I could think of, but in the middle of so much good cheer, my husband and I really benefit from the hilarity, irreverence and inappropriateness that can only be delivered by Billy Bob Thornton. No, it's not in good taste. Yes, it is hilarious. Absolutely, it is one of our favorite Christmas guilty pleasures. What holiday movies are a must for you every year?
The Grinch with Jim Carrey ❤️✨
"HOME ALONE" for me is an all-time favorite! McCauley Kalkins will always be a 'home alone' companion for all seasons. Never git tired watching it for the nth time! :)
@kinna you should definitely watch it as soon as possible! Haha :)
Love Actually is the best
Great point, @coed2020! There are definitely movies that give me the feeling of the holidays, even if they are not directly related @aabxo I love it, too :) They have such amazing chemistry!
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