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The Niners were simply taken to school by the Oakland Raiders as the Raiders handedly beat them 24 to 13. The Raiders were simply playing for pride but they showed a lot of it while the Niners seemed to forget they had a game scheduled yesterday. The Raiders were coming off a 52-0 blowout to the Rams last week and they played this game like it was the championship. Derek Carr looked like their QB of the future completing 22-28 passes and 3 TDs while Latavius Murray held down the run game. The Niners are now looking like long shots for the playoffs. They really needed this win and it seems that they were looking past this week. What now for the Niners and Harbaugh? Is Kaepernick really the QB of the future or should the Niners grab a QB next year if they can? Does Roman deserve to be fired? The Niners are going to have quite the offseason I think.
Wow that has got to hurt losing to the Raiders with the playoffs on the line. I am wondering if they have completely lost confidence in themselves. I do agree that it will be difficult for them to resist temptation and not break up the team, but it would be foolish for them to do this.
Niners need to run it more like the old days of the Harbaugh era.
It was a tough season for them. I think it would be very unwise to break up their team. Maybe they need a change at oc but they had a crazy schedule this year
I can't help but laugh at the Niners right now. They ran Alex Smith off the team after all that he did for them and now they think they got the wrong man at QB? And their awesome coach is leaving? Niners are dumber than I thought!