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Kathleen Velo's new book is named "Water Flow Under the Colorado River" and it focuses on explorations of water, its sources, and the ramifications of over usage. The photographs are unique, in that, they are captured at night as photograms. The photogram was pioneered as an art form by Man Ray and Moholy Nagy; Nagy later coined the term "photogram." This process, if you don't already know, utilizes rudimentary photography principles. Objects are placed on to a photosensitive surface (usually light sensitive paper), and briefly exposed a projected light to create this style of abstracted "x-ray like" image. It literally is an inverted shadow outline of the object's form. This is what Kathleen says about her work Water Flow: "In my series, Water Flow, I create underwater photograms directly on chromogenic paper in water sources ranging from desert arroyos after monsoon rains, to recharge basins for city potable water, to the entire Colorado River. Most recently my project, Water Flow Under the Colorado River, has focused on the water flowing in the Colorado River, from its headwaters deep in the Rocky Mountains north of Denver, as it travels through five states and empties into the Gulf of California in Mexico. As the main water source for the Western United States the Colorado River is the most regulated, overused river in the country. By the time water from this magnificent river reaches parched desert cities, it is polluted, re-used, and re-polluted."
I love when something so everyday is captured with such beautiful abstraction. I think that's one of my favorite types of photography.
@danidee I totally agree! I think photography gives us the opportunity to look at ordinary things in a different way. The more we can do that the better!